[Spridgets] Bad Breaking

WeslakeMonza1330 at aol.com WeslakeMonza1330 at aol.com
Mon Jan 20 13:18:32 MST 2014

Some DOT 5.1s are road use and pure race fluids have much higher dry  
boiling points.
Correct DOT 5 doesn't mix with any other DOT fluid.
You can get DOT 5 in the UK though I suspect it's not as good as the DOT 5  
in North America.
In a message dated 20/01/2014 19:16:55 GMT Standard Time,  
ridleymj at brant.net writes:

Took a  weekend off and am still catching up so I hope this is not 

I  use DOT 5 in my sports cars (not 5.1 which is short life race fluid).   
Water/moisture build up has not been a problem but I do follow good  
practice and replace the fluid completely every 4+ years.

Due to a  'helpful' mechanic, I had to remove some DOT 3 quickly and paid 
the price  of new rubber in the master.  DOT 5 is NOT compatible with 
DOT3/4. If  you do mix, clean (really clean!) and replace ALL RUBBER 
parts.  And  for those with tandem systems, that also means the clutch 

I  am a little surprised to see DOT5 is not spec'd in Europe.  It has  
been readily available in Canada, and from several suppliers.  I will  
check into this  further.


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