[Spridgets] Bad braking

Mark Haynes haynes386 at netzero.net
Sat Jan 18 18:36:38 MST 2014

Brian, have you checked/changed the old rubber lines front and rear? As they
age, they can swell and allow high (pedal) pressure through, but not low
pressure back. I replaced all of mine with teflon-lined SS ones.

Mark Haynes
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Greeting List,

Shortly after buying my 79 a couple years ago I discovered the brakes,
front and rear, would hang up.  After 20-30 minutes they would release.

The PO put new wheel cylinders on the rear, so I left them alone.  Next I
pulled the calipers and rebuilt them.  To be sure they worked the master
cylinder was replaced with a new one.

So I got everything back together and tested- fronts and rears would stop
all wheels and release immediately.  That was a couple weeks ago.

Yesterday I realized the front calipers won't release.

Any ideas why?  I'd rather drive the car with working brakes.

Thanks all!

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