[Spridgets] Holy Sprite Journey of Redemption

Ed Kaler (JB) shop at justbrits.com
Sun Jan 5 16:39:14 MST 2014

And toooo THINK I am OLDER than most of ya'll and NOTHIN' of mine has 
started to.... <G>

<<  I'll make a stab at the write-up, Larry... But I want to have 
everyone who participated send my a
few paragraphs with their personal experience so everyone can be 
included.  >>

I would be HAPPY TO "CHANGE" [if desired] front page or anything else as 
MAJORITY wish <G>.

And IIRC Jim, you told me you had "...unlimited..." space ? ?  Wha 
happened ? ?

So for ALL you "short-term folks".....................  [also try google 
= buster cluster <smirk>]


BTW, org contributotrs;  PLZ make SURE your "stuff" is there <G>.   
Folks that have "found" stuff,
write me, PLZ  ! ! !


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