[Spridgets] Two Greats meet

Ed Kaler (JB) shop at justbrits.com
Sat Jan 4 13:05:12 MST 2014

Huuuuuuummm - 2nd try ? ! ?

Rick, IMVSVHO....................

<<  On 1/4/2014 8:21 AM, Rick Fisk wrote:
> IMHO today's F1 is too much car and not enough driver. -:) >>
95% car vs 5% "driver", Rick.  Damned shame, too ! ! !

I haven't even paid ANY attention to F1 in YEARS (Sorry, Jay <G>) nor
watched it.  Who wants to watch puppets ? ?

F1 + a couple pals is what got me into NASCAR <G> (admittedly before
any of the Teams knew what a Physical Trainer or Engineer-on-the-box
<G> was).


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