[Spridgets] Blanking sleeve and blocked bypass again...

Dean Hedin dlh2001 at comcast.net
Wed Mar 27 19:55:26 MDT 2013

Don't take it that way.  
You got it from other people who were wrong.  
I just looked through Vizard's "How to modify your Mini" and his discussion
the blanking sleeve is also incorrect.

Vizard states that if you install the blanking sleeve then you'll want to
block off the bypass.  
That's wrong.  The blanking sleeve WILL block off the bypass.
If you read Vizard's text on this it will be clear that it is second hand
info he is relaying. 
e.g. "I have it on good authority..."  In addition, he doesn't describe the
flow of water around 
the thermostat and why the bypass is there in the first place.
I am absolutely certain that if you have the bypass blocked off, then you
MUST NOT install a 
thermostat.  You risk overheating areas of the engine furthermost from the
Just draw yourself a diagram of how the water flows with the thermostat
closed off and 
it all becomes clear.
It's unsettling that Vizard was wrong about this...but he was so right on
everything else 
that I can easily forgive him.


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Your right I'm to stupid to be on this list. Where did I get all these dumb
ideas back in the day.

You don't know what you are talking about.

Your point about the thermostat working properly with the bypass blocked is
equally wrong.

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