[Spridgets] Blanking sleeve and blocked bypass again...

Dean Hedin dlh2001 at comcast.net
Mon Mar 25 19:29:02 MDT 2013

Let me tell you why I think that is bad. 
When the engine is cold, the thermostat is closed and because the bypass is
blocked no water can circulate through the head AT ALL.
So what could happen is localized heating could occur in an area of the
head/block that is far away from the thermostat.
Eventually the front of your head will get warm and open the thermostat, but
it may take a while.
Basicaly you need some flow to let the thermostat "know" things are warming
The benefit of running with the bypass blocked is that none of the hot head
water gets mixed with the normal flow, so you get better cooling.
The downside is longer warmup time and running too cool in colder temps.  
But since you have a blocked bypass like I now have, then you should not run
with the thermostat (or open the bypass)


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My bypass is blocked and I have a thermostat.  Never runs over 190 to 200
degrees in Southern California.
Mike MacLean
60 Sprite
56 BN2	

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