[Spridgets] A little head action...

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I wouldn't paint the inside of the housing.
I wouldn't trust the paint to not flake off, circulate around the cooling
system and possibly clog something up.
 I do paint the base of it tho and use a little blue goop
between the housing and gasket.

Brian S.
Bugeyeracer finally resto'ed!
Thanks to Frank C.!

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> That's funny.  I bought the studs for the thermostat housing because I
> wanted to get back
> to the original configuration (I used to have the bolts).  It will be a
> 'bear' getting that off next time.
> Another tip.  Clean up and paint the thermostat hosing..inside and out.
> It's aluminium and tends to want to corrode.
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> One little trick I do the first time I need to open up the thermostat
> housing is throw away the studs and reassemble with bolts. So much easier
> to take it apart next time.
> And yes the locating sleeves are later additions.
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