[Spridgets] Looking for a Motor Porter, VW dealer item ...see image.

Linda Grunthaner grunthaner at gmail.com
Fri Mar 22 16:31:36 MDT 2013

My neighbor 2 blocks away has the same bus he has offered to give me a hand
maybe I'll do that in the fall as the engine was installed by a VW guy
before I bought it but he didn't want to do the body work. I believe the
clutch is in very good shape and some other essentials.

On Thu, Mar 21, 2013 at 10:42 AM, Bud Osbourne <abcoz at hky.com> wrote:

> Lin,****
> If you are into pain & suffering, I suppose you could replace the heater
> boxes with the engine in place.   Long-time air-cooled VW folks tend to
> pull the engine as casually as normal people say excuse me. ;)   ****
> Look at it this way: the exhaust flange nuts are probably pretty well
> rusted to the manifold studs and if you break one of the studs, youre
> going to have to pull the engine, anyway.  Also, have the heads been
> re-torqued since youve had the bus?  Easier to do that with the engine
> out.  On my air-cooled engines, I used to (and will, again) remove the
> engine every two or three years just re-torque the heads and  to pull the
> cooling tin off and make sure everything is clean under there.  It only
> takes a little bit of an oil mist (and if you think Spridgets leak oil)
> to land on cooling fins of heads or cylinders or oil cooler and start
> accumulating fine particles of dust, which continues to build-up until
> youve got some significant blockage of cooling air.  Not a good thing!
> Also, with the engine out, EVERYTHING on the engine (except the oil drain
> plug and sump plate) and engine compartment is easily accessible, so you
> can come up with a nice list of might as wells. J  Fun stuff!****
> Youll want to make sure all of the rubber around the perimeter of the
> engine compartment and on the rear cover plate is in good shape and that
> there are no significant openings in the cover plates.  This is critical to
> keeping the engine temperatures down to a survivable (for the engine)
> level.  Also, hows the clutch looking?  Bus clutches really do take a
> beating, so you dont want to start the season with a worn clutch.  Clutch
> release shaft bushings OK?  Easy to access with the engine out and not that
> difficult to replace.****
> Food for thought and, yes, youll want to have some help, when you pull
> that engine out for the first few times.****
> ** **
> Looking longingly at the Midget, yesterday and remembering that it had
> already been out for several runs on salt-free roads by this time, last
> year L  Beginning to think that the run to Import Carlisle may be its
> first time out, this year.  By Import Carlisle, last year, I had already
> put a couple thousand miles on it!****
> ** **
> Bud****
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> ...see image.****
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> Cool my 67 bus engine is a Super Beetle engine 1600 DP, so do I have to
> pull the engine in order to replace my heater boxes? ****
> ** **
> Hoping to do some maintenance on Pinky in the warm dry garage once the bus
> get all her glass. ****
> ** **
> Frank would have had all this work done in one afternoon ; )****
> Lin****
> ** **

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