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> I'm running a Spridgetech radiator from Rod Hahneman as well. He told me he
> gets them from Ron Davis and from somebody in Indianapolis. The one he sold
> me came from Winners Circle but he said it was a Ron Davis without the name
> stenciled on the fins....therefore cheaper. However, without a tank on the
> radiator, I had to add a custom-fabricated remote tank on the firewall,
> which was an unexpected expense.
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> As Jay said, Ron Davis is the very best. I have a downflow Bugeye unit on
> White Trash 1 and it is absolutely drop in and amazing quality. Speedwell
> just uses Ron's, doesn't even take the labels off. But I have a "Made in
> USA"
> excellent quality one from Rod at Spridgetech for a lot less $$ ave on
> Trash 2. Talk to Rod, 810-229-8639. www.spridgetech.com
> Ron Soave
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