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I'm running a Spridgetech radiator from Rod Hahneman as well. He told me he
gets them from Ron Davis and from somebody in Indianapolis. The one he sold
me came from Winners Circle but he said it was a Ron Davis without the name
stenciled on the fins....therefore cheaper. However, without a tank on the
radiator, I had to add a custom-fabricated remote tank on the firewall,
which was an unexpected expense.

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As Jay said, Ron Davis is the very best. I have a downflow Bugeye unit on
 White Trash 1 and it is absolutely drop in and amazing quality. Speedwell
just uses Ron's, doesn't even take the labels off. But I have a "Made in
excellent quality one from Rod at Spridgetech for a lot less $$ ave on White
Trash 2. Talk to Rod, 810-229-8639. www.spridgetech.com

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