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dwoerpel dwoerpel at wi.net
Thu Mar 21 10:22:21 MDT 2013

Thanks for the reminder Larry, I just sent my contribution.  Win-win for 

Dave W.

On 3/20/2013 9:36 PM, Larry Daniels wrote:
> For those who are new and not aware, Mark Bradakis is the owner of these
> lists as well as quite a few others.  He supplies all of the equipment and
> maintenance costs and time to keep these lists going.  In recognition of
> that and to defray his costs to keep these lists up and running for us, we
> annually contribute a few bucks to him to cover some of that expense.  If
> you appreciate what he does for us, please consider throwing in whatever you
> feel you can afford.
> Mark has said he would like to have the 42 DCOE Weber carb I am selling.  If
> any of you would like to kick in a few bucks toward that, I am sure he would
> appreciate it.  I am putting in $25 and a couple others have done so, as
> well.
> If anybody belongs to any of Marks other lists, please forward this to those
> lists so they can do something as well.  Mark, it may be easiest if you just
> forward this to all of your lists?
> The link to contribute is on the bottom of every email that goes out to the
> lists.
> Donate: http://www.team.net/donate.html
> Thanks,
> Larry Daniels
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> Life is too short for Mark not to have the rare and coveted 42 DCOE Weber.
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> Well, shucks.  I didn't find an extra $275 in my Paypal account this
> morning.
> Oh, well.  But I did find a nice donation, thanks Dean!  If anyone sent a
> check it will likely be a few days before I see it.
> Thanks again,
> mjb.
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