[Spridgets] Mini question

Bob Spruck mgmaven at bellsouth.net
Tue Mar 5 13:56:07 MST 2013

Sounds like an uninformed statement. Minis came in Morris and Austin 
flavors. Perhaps the friend just saw "Austin" or some joker added a 
"Healey" label?


  3/5/2013 3:05 PM, Bob Kitterer wrote:
> A friend meet a fellow in NV who had a car he called an Austin Healey but the
> picture looks like a late model original Mini.  I have not been able to find
> any information where Donald modified a Mini.  Does anyone know of such a
> car?
> Bob and Dolores
> 1960 Austin Healey Sprite (Mk IV in disguise)
> 1966 Austin Healey Sprite Mk III (Trevor) - still in boxes
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