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The use of 'breaks' as opposes to 'brakes' is an outbreak of ignorance.  You 
often find the same people brake glasses.  It is a world-wide phenomenon.

If I were selling the car it would have that brake done.  You can't take a 
test drive - but that may be the reason it isn't working!  It makes me think 
there are more fundamental problems by not having everything working 
properly.  I could live with no screen.

The use of pre-shaped louver panels looks rather tacky (the result of a 
raided DIY store), and may be OK for dust entry in the drier parts of the 
world.  In the wetter parts (ours) it does make for considerably more water 
ingress to the engine compartment, it is an additional entry for tinworm. 
Not a favoured mod for me.

Guy R Day

ps Google tells me the cost of buying a Kidney averages $150,000.  A tad 
more than the car's value.

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> Looks like he has louvres on the lhs inner wing, interesting idea.   Also,
> are brakes spelt 'breaks' in the USA or is that a spelling mistake?
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> Well  this is different:
> http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/1959-Austin-Healey-Sprite-/200818922550?pt=US
> _
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> Rick
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