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Awe...stuck in Hawaii, sounds very stressful.

Michael only does a disservice to himself & NASA by not disclosing.
You see, NASA is a point right now of severe budget cutbacks.

And I don't know about you, but I have had severe doubts regarding NASA
ever since I read "What Do You Care What Other People Think?" by Richard
Feynman.  Here I am referring to the Nobel Laureate's candid insight into
the inner workings of NASA's upper management and the events that led up
to the Challenger disaster. 
And then there was that whole "lady astronaut in a diaper going to kill her
astronaut boyfriend's new girlfriend" fiasco.  Kind of left a bad taste in
this tax payer's mouth.

Since these events (and many others) I made it a point to subscribe to "NASA
Tech briefs" so I can keep in touch with what is really going on 
at NASA.  They send it to me for free BTW.  I read every issue very
diligently, and have done so for many years.

But now I got some NASA dude trying to crowd source plastic fitting
information on the Spridget list.  This is quite flattering, but only leads
to further doubts in this tax payer's mind regarding NASA.

So... If Michael wants to pick this tax payer's vast and very extensive
knowledge of plastics he is going to have to tell me what he is up to first!

It's quite simple, really.  

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When was the last time the government actually told you how they were 
screwing you?

And who would consider $5000 plus travel to be "payment" for four months of 
incarceration in a Mars simulation module on the slopes of Mauna Kea, 100 
miles from nowhere?

> If it involves NASA & my tax dollars I should get the explanation for free
> and in public.  I demand it actually.

>> You mean Trixie from Speed Racer?
>> > When did they come out with a Trixie blow up doll?
> The first person to provide useful information gets a (private) 
> description
> of how this is related to NASA and Mars.
> Michael Rowe

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