[Spridgets] 66 Sprite Brake bleeding Part 2

Allen Hefner lbc77mg at gmail.com
Thu Jun 30 11:03:46 MDT 2011

Sorry, but I have never had any luck with EZ  Bleed.  Why introduce another
vairable into brake bleeding when all you need is a helper with one leg?
People have been bleeding brake systems for years without EZ Bleeds or hose
suckers <http://www.x4labs.com/acc-pressurized-penis-pump.php>.

1. Did you bench bleed the new master cylinder?  It makes it easier to get
the juice flowing.  If you didn't, take off the brake line, fill the MC,
pump, fill again, pump, until fluid comes out.  This is less messy if the MC
is on a bench (which is prolly why they call it bench bleeding).  Watch the

2. I also suspect that the brake proportioning valve is not centered, which
could cause the problem with no fluid getting thru.  That's its job.  I have
seen them completely jammed.  They can be rebuilt if the o-rings are shot.

3. Is any fluid coming out of the MC?  Take lines off and pump until you see
a squirt.

Keep us posted.

Allen Hefner
Norristown  PA

On Wed, Jun 29, 2011 at 7:13 PM, <lindalnhvt at nhvt.net> wrote:

> Now what's next?
> After poor results bleeding the brakes I asked for help and did the
> following:
> Bought the "real" EZ Bleeder with proper fittings (and attached to source
> of air pressure)
> Bought and installed new master cylinder while waiting for ez bleed.
> Change a leaking brake line.
> Result=
> Pressure seems to be going from source, to ez bleed container containing
> new fluid which is attached to master cylinder.
> Open right rear bleeder - no fluid comes out (it did come out with old
> master cylinder and I flushed it until clean fluid came through)
> Tried left rear cylinder - same result, no fluid comes out.
> I didn't try the front.
> The level in the master cylinder was still full.  No leaks found anywhere.
> Seems like the master cylinder isn't pushing fluid.
> I disconnected the ez bleed system, replaced the master cylinder cap and
> tried to push fluid through by pumping the brake pedal. No pedal pressure
> and no fluid out the bleeder.
> I'm stumped.
> Any and all suggestions accepted..   Nice summer days and the Sprite sits
> in the garage.  GRRRR.
> Thanks.
> Dick Byrne in NH
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