[Spridgets] Spray on Chrome

Bob Gardner rdgard at cox.net
Wed Jun 29 16:57:18 MDT 2011

I saw this at SEMA last year.  They had a Monster Truck that was lime green
transparent with chrome under it and huge chrome fenders and parts etc. It
was all chrome, some with the transparent tint.   All done with the spray on
stuff.  It looked as good as metal, if not better.  Looked deep and thick!
Should last as long as paint, which is forever if cared for properly.

They said it cost about $2500 to set up and to do a big car, like the
monster truck, it cost about $1500 in materials.

This thread is funny because I had the DVD kicking around on my desk since
last year and finally just tossed it out last week saying I will never use
this.  But it is way cool and I am an up close eye witness!



Robert D. Gardner
Gardner Productions LLC
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