[Spridgets] New product to replace Chrome Plating

Wm. Severin Thompson wsthompson at thicko.com
Wed Jun 29 15:10:42 MDT 2011

Leno is very particular, and obviously can afford the best. If he's
impressed, I'm impressed. The only drawback I see is not price, but the
"hardness" of the process, as chrome is quite hard. It looks as if this is
as hard as any 2 part paint.

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  I found these 2



$2,400 is the cheapest and over 12K is the most.  I agree that $2,400 is 
CHEAP compared to chrome and I did briefly think, I could buy this, do 
the Singer and save $3k (most likely more) and then sell the equipment 
or make money on the side but I would have to SEE this stuff first, I 
believe its the best spray on chrome modern technology can be but I 
doubt its as good as real early 20th century chrome technology (don't 
know when chrome plating came out but its old and still works)


On 06/29/2011 12:26 PM, Mark Endicott wrote:
> Who is the US company mentioned?

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