[Spridgets] New product to replace Chrome Plating

Peter Caldwell peter at nosimport.com
Wed Jun 29 13:25:52 MDT 2011

Mike, buy the system, do your Singer, and I'll send you some shox to plate.

Actually, I googled chrome Singer and there's only sewing machine parts......

At 01:53 PM 6/29/2011, Tim Collins wrote:
>Just wait awhile. Peter will be all over this soon - then just send 
>your parts to him!
>At 02:20 PM 6/29/2011, Mike Rambour wrote:
>>  WOW is right and expensive to boot...
>See how enthusiastic he is about this? vvv
>>On 06/29/2011 10:27 AM, Peter Caldwell wrote:
>Tim Collins

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