[Spridgets] New product to replace Chrome Plating

James Gruber thistle_3619 at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 29 09:49:31 MDT 2011

I was watching My Classic Car this morning and they were touring Jay Leno's 
shop. Subject came to Chrome Plating and Jay was describing a new product, 
environmentally safe, that can be used to replate metal, plastic etc. He 
described it as a product, pour on the part to be plated, hardens instantly, 
looks to be shiny chrome and a one time cost of $5-10 dollars per product to be 
plated. Disposal of excess product just pour down the drain. 

No clue what this product is, sounded like snake oil, but if it as he says far 
better way to go than trying to replate my rusty BE Grille for $2-300+. Anyone 
know about this new miracle product or what the name is?

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