[Spridgets] Tires for Mk 1 Sprite

Heard Saxon heard at datatrontech.net
Tue Jun 28 13:38:45 MDT 2011

I'm not sure I believe the HTR200s are not made any longer.  Sumitomo still
shows them on their web site.  I think the guy I ordered from at Tire Rack
was just too damn lazy to order them.  I bought the TR4 models.


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Anyone using any of these or have any comments?  A friend runs a restoration
shop and this is what he can get.

> Vredstein quadtrac 81.83
> Cooper Trendsetter 78.33
> Hancook 78
> Milstar 56
> Telstar 68
> Jetson innovation 74.18
> Bridgestone Insignia 65.45
> Sumitomo HTR200 are no longer made

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