[Spridgets] DM2 distributors

Mark Haynes haynes386 at netzero.net
Mon Jun 27 09:00:19 MDT 2011

So the MKII is up and running finally!!! On its maiden voyage (up the road and
back) the dizzy popped out of the clamp- turns out the housing is broken and
won't clamp properly- so I pulled out one of the spares- Weird, the drive dog
is 180* out from the other two that I have, and my travel spare has a cap that
is 90* out from the one on the MKII (the wires point toward the firewall when
timed correctly, not upward).
Does anyone have an idea why I have one that's 180* out? And what would the
other cap have come from? they were all in Sprite Spares boxes acquired with
the cars.

Mark Haynes
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