[Spridgets] Head Gasket

charles christ crusaderchuck at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 27 04:48:01 MDT 2011

having been a toyota parts man for the service dept and body shop i can
tell you 
with certainty that you will benifit from not folowing the same
proceedures of spridget repairs on your car.    there are good
ftermarket head 
sets out there but i do know there is a varying quality in
the manufacturing of 
them.   so if you choose to not go to toyota for the
gasket be certain to get a 
well known type like fel-pro or similar type.  
definitly have the head checked 
, with care taken to the area of gasket
failure as well as replace the valve 
seals while apart.   best of luck in the
repair.  i have a 1989 buick 3.8l v6 
waiting for me to do head gaskets on
right now....


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Subject: [Spridgets] Head Gasket

in my radiator and overheating with my 94 Celica, (2.2 litre)  so it
like time for a head resurfacing and gasket replacement.  Any
recomnmendations.  I revall seeing on one of the Sprite discussions something
about a "sticky" surfaced head gasket.  Any comments, info or caveats about
thgat type of gasket or other thoughts?

  Ed in SD

also a 65 Mk.III since

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