[Spridgets] Party Midget

Paul Van Wig pvanwig at me.com
Sun Jun 26 17:32:50 MDT 2011

I've always heard the used car salesman trick of banana peals ;)

Paul Van Wig
Long Beach/Big Bear
pvanwig at mac dot com

On Jun 26, 2011, at 3:49 PM, Rick Fisk <refisk at chartermi.net> wrote:

> Put a new top on the Party Midget today.  Took me about 4 hours (which
> included a bunch of stare time) and it came out really well!  Also took it for
> the first drive today and found the brakes need some attention and the rear
> end is noisy.  Checked the gear oil and it took ten ounces to fill it up.
> Anyone have a magic elixir to quiet down a noisy diff?
> Rick
> '79 Party Midget
> '59 & '61 Sprites
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