[Spridgets] 68 MG Midget for sale

fastvee fastvee at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 24 07:27:53 MDT 2011

Hi Ron,
Looks like a great group to race with, and a nice web site. I was checking race results, and wow, 26 formula vees at Blackhawk. I may have to pull my vintage vee down from the ceiling and finish that restoration. Used to run regularly in 30 car FV fields in the northeast in the 70's. 
Do you know who manufactures the spridget axles listed further down the For Sale page? I am not in the market at this time, I have Hayne's axles, but it would be good to file away for future use. Looks like a first class arrangement.
Fogelsville, PA


This is my buddy Jeff Porasik's car, formerly Roger Heil's. This car is beautiful and fast, no expense spared. It is the 2nd car down, Yellow Midget:



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