[Spridgets] [9issa] Project Honey Pot ( and no it isn't what you men are thinking)

Dave KK7SS kk7ss at frontier.com
Thu Jun 23 16:58:16 MDT 2011

My Internet tools show that this address ;; is in Brazil!!

I would not touch it with a 10ft pole!

But then I could be wrong - ask my kids!

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----- "krystine" <cccrkarc at st-tel.net> wrote:

> Kind of interesting, I get occasional junk mail on my old hotmail
> email account. Mostly b
Canadian Pharmacyb
 or sexually solicitous type
> of crap (usually predictable) that I try to block but today when I was
> emptying and blocking the addresses, I came across an odd one...the
> subject line was in Arabic so I decided to trace to see if there was
> any reason I should be concerned. My filter catches them but
> attempting to block them each gets to be more a matter of principle.
> I linked it back to a Saudi Arabian government site.... General
> Authority of Civil Aviation, Saudi Arabia
> It was sent to me by this hotmail account: almalki3001 at hotmail.com
> (all I did was google the email address and the IP)
> Originating IP:
> | Mail Server | Dictionary Attacker | IP Address ...
> The Project Honey Pot system has detected behavior from the IP address
> 200.199. 218.35 that is consistent with that of a Mail Server and
> Dictionary Attacker.
> www.projecthoneypot.org/ip_
> Looking at this Project Honey Pot site, it represents itself as a
> b
help stop spammersb
 site. My questions for the computer literate of
> this list are:
>     1.
> How do I know if the Project Honey Pot site is safe to log into?
>     2.
> Should I be at all concerned about this particular spammer, that seems
> to be a new one (for me) and of Arabic origins?
>     3.
> Can anyone tell me what a dictionary attacker is?
> Ibve gotten so much good advice from many of you on this list that I
> thought maybe one of you could help me again. It isnbt a matter of
> life and death, simply curious, feel free to contact me off list.
> Thank you and I do apologize for taking up joke list space,
> krystine
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