[Spridgets] Spring washers don't work !

Mark Haynes haynes386 at netzero.net
Thu Jun 23 16:13:28 MDT 2011

Bob is correct, no 'fluid' lubricants are used, there are specific 'dry' lubes
-spray on, bake out in vacuum oven, then use. that can be used in flight
payload systems. The downside to that is that the fasteners are almost always
Stainless Steel and dry stainless riding on dry stainless is also called
'welding' (or galling) Trying to remove an unlubricated screw from an
unlubricated stainless tapped hole is the biggest PITA that I know of. Yes,
lubricating a bolt will apply more stress to the bolt itself, simply because
more of the rotational load (Torque) is going into the threaded interface, and
less is going into the sliding friction of bolt to washer to whatever. that
being said, a lubricated bolt, torqued properly, will ALWAYS apply the design
load to the part interface, which a dry bolt will not. ALWAYS lubricate your
head studs, main bearing bolts, and rod bolts -you'll not be sorry.

Mark Haynes
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NASA - i.e. space assets do not use "fluid" lubricants, as far as I know they
do not use any lubricants but for a very different reason.  When the assets go
into space
(vacuum) lubricants will out gas, these vapors will re-condense on the optics.
deteriorates / makes optical systems non-useable.  There are almost no assets
that do not
have some type of optical system.  So lubricants are a major no-no.

Bob Kitterer

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On Jun 22, 2011, at 9:19 PM, Dave KK7SS wrote:

> A thought springs to mind.
> When I was contracted at NASA I was told that
> a) All bolts, nuts, etc were to be assembled dry (not lubricated),
> b) A lubricated bolt would not torque down correctly due to the change in
and would be subject to greater stress.
> Is NordLock saying thats' wrong?

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