[Spridgets] Spring washers don't work !

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NASA - i.e. space assets do not use "fluid" lubricants, as far as I know they do not use any lubricants but for a very different reason.  When the assets go into space (vacuum) lubricants will out gas, these vapors will re-condense on the optics.  This deteriorates / makes optical systems non-useable.  There are almost no assets that do not have some type of optical system.  So lubricants are a major no-no.

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On Jun 22, 2011, at 9:19 PM, Dave KK7SS wrote:

> A thought springs to mind.
> When I was contracted at NASA I was told that
> a) All bolts, nuts, etc were to be assembled dry (not lubricated),
> b) A lubricated bolt would not torque down correctly due to the change in friction and would be subject to greater stress.
> Is NordLock saying thats' wrong?
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