[Spridgets] Need info - (Kia Sedona front wheel bearing - very little Spridget content)

Rick Bastedo rbastedo at gmail.com
Wed Jun 22 10:15:25 MDT 2011

Our Kia Sedona (2003) had a new front axle & hub installed on the passenger
side about a year and a half ago.
Now the wheel bearing on that side is going out.
BillM has very graciously invited me over on Saturday to see about replacing
this bearing.
What I'm hoping for here is that someone who has access to All Data could
send a bit of info along to me on this job.
I'm thinking the hub needs to be removed, hopefully not the entire axle but
maybe that too.
So much bigger and more work than my Spridgets - but I guess it weighs about
4X what a Spridget weighs so it needs big beefy bits & pieces in there.

Rick (part time accidental Kia mechanic) Bastedo

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