[Spridgets] Need help in dealing with a missing title

David Groundwater dwgwater at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 21 13:53:47 MDT 2011

The self storage industry has done a good job getting laws passed to make it
easy for storage facilities to get title to and sell/dispose of all the stuff
the gets abandoned in storage units. The statute John cites is an example.
However, storage facilites also have written agreements and such when people
leave their stuff that make clear why the stuff is being left. If this is a
deal where the car owner had a handshake deal with the hanger owner, it will
pay to talk to someone who can make sure the I's are dotted and the T's
crossed.  You'd hate to get caught in the middle of a fight in which the car
owner decides to claim he left it with the hanger owner to be repaired and the
hanger owner sold it out from under him. The owner has a title and the fact
that you paid for for the car may not win if the title-holder can convince a
judge the car was stolen. This is a potentially valuable car and you're
getting it cheap.  Spend a couple bucks on a lawyer who represents storage
facilities and get a clean title.

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> Jim -
> See ORC 4505.101, http://codes.ohio.gov/orc/4505.101
> If I was in town I could help you, but I am working out of town until
> week. The owner of the storage area can easily get a title, then transfer
> title to you.
> John Kuzman
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> Subject: [Spridgets] Need help in dealing with a missing title
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> Date: Tuesday, June 21, 2011, 12:32 PM
> Folks I need some advice on how to deal with this one on a '59 BE I learned
> about and have been working with the person who has the car in his
> possession.
> Car has been in storage in an airplane hangar for some time. It has unpaid
> storage fees. Car was verbally given to my contact's son in exchange for
> storage
> fees and abandoned. The legal owner of this car who holds the title,
> car BTW has
> not been titled since '78, refuses to return calls. I can pick up
> this car for a
> fairly modest cost. I have not looked at this car but it will
> likely need a
> rotiserie restoration but it is unmolested and all of the parts
> and pieces are
> there. Here is the note I received this AM.
> Jim,
> My son was
> here this past weekend and we discussed what to do with the Bug Eye.
> As far
> as we are concerned the car is yours. As you recall the person who was
> looking after the car verbally gave the car to xxxxxmy son. However, we
> no
> title and no matter how many times webve talked to xxxxx (the person
> looking
> after the car) he has not come up with a title from the owner, a
> distant
> relative of his wife. So if you want the car it is yours as far as we
> are
> concerned and you will have to deal with xxxxxx for title purposes. I
> know this
> is not a clean deal like we wanted but Rick will be leaving for
> Japan the end of
> July and needs hangar space to store his belongings. Let me
> know if you are
> still interested and when you would like to come to xxxxxx.
> I need some advice from the group on how to deal with this one. I know
> are
> ways.... but how best to deal with this so I don't have an issue later
> on.
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