[Spridgets] Likely Pilot Bushing problem + cam question

Steven Guterman an5.sprite at gmail.com
Fri Jun 17 11:47:06 MDT 2011

I think I screwed up a year ago when I replaced the pilot bushing in my
Bugeye. I had never done that before and in my haste to finally get the
engine and transmission mated and in the car I never soaked the bushing in

Now I am finding even with the clutch depressed the car wants to move.  I
was hoping it was a problem with the slave or master, but after crawling
under the car and my wife pushing the clutch peddle I see good movement on
the clutch fork.

Just a stupid error not to read about the proper way to change the pilot

I can not think of any way to lubricate the bushing without taking the
engine and trans out.  I also suspect that the bushing is now likely ruined.

If anyone has any other ideas please let me know.

In an attempt to make lemon-aid out of this lemon, if I need to take out the
engine I may change the cam.
What is a good cam for street use?
I bought the engine in pieces. Someone had taken it apart and stopped. It is
a 1275 of unknown year.  The bearing surfaces looked OK but the tappets had
mushroomed a bit so they where replaced.  The pistons had collapsed ring
groves so they where tossed and replaced with  40 over flat tops. I was
being cheap at the time so kept the original cam.

Am I correct that to replace the cam all I need to do is remove the front
cover and oil pan?

Thanks for the help.

Broken 59 Bugeye

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