[Spridgets] steering wheel

David Lieb 72spridget at gmail.com
Wed Jun 15 08:26:16 MDT 2011

I bought a 13" Grant steering wheel at a swapmeet that had been
modified to fit the stock hub of my 1972 Midget. It is one of the best
mods I have done to the car. On the down side, it compromises
visibility of some of the instruments as well as of the turn signal
indicators. On the up side, it emphasizes the spridgetly nature of the
driving experience. I have not noticed any significant increase in
effort. Definitely a benefit when autocrossing. Bear in mind that my
72 has the later Triumph steering rack which is not as "quick" as the
Morris Minor rack used on the earlier cars. I have not changed the
steering wheel on the Bugeye, nor do I have any intention of doing so.
David L

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