[Spridgets] BE is back on the ground

Heard Saxon heard at datatrontech.net
Mon Jun 13 07:20:50 MDT 2011

With the list's help, I'm almost there.  This weekend's tasks:
Pulled the mechanical fuel pump and got it to stop leaking.  
I think I've stopped the gas tank leak.  Geesh!  This car is leaking
Put the correct spark plugs in the car and synced the carbs.  I think they
may still be a little rich.
Got the wheels back on and put it back on the ground for the first time in
many months.
Replaced the headlight pigtails and installed the front grille to get ready
to put the hood back on.
Finally got the steering wheel ready to paint.  I had to fill in some worn
areas so the horn button would stay in.
I even had some time left over to go the range and fire a hundred rounds.
All that is left to start driving is getting the seats re-upholstered.  I've
already welded up the seat pans and blasted and painted the pans, backs, and

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