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Bud Osbourne abcoz at hky.com
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I'm VERY reluctant to use any but genuine Michelin tubes, since they have
been proven to be the best quality, longest lasting, most reliable tube with
wire wheels.  With so much manufacturing of everything being move to the
Pacific Rim, I'm just plain paranoid about putting any off-brand tube on my
car.  Remember (was this The Clarici Rule?): if it's made in China and has
moving parts (every square inch of an inner tube moves, after all), it's
gonna have a very short service life compared to the same item made in USA
or Europe.
So, I paid a bit more for peace of mind.  

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Napa sells a good tube.  It's made by Kenda and goes for around $14.

The tubes that Moss sells for $20 are junk. 

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While we are discussing tires, I'm pleased to report that I purchased five
Michelin inner tubes from Coker Tire, a couple of months back, for the MGB
I'm currently working on.  The price was reasonable and the service was
excellent.  I know that genuine Michelin tubes can be pretty elusive, but
they seem to hold up much better than the other stuff, of questionable
origin & quality, that is out there now.


Bud Osbourne

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