[Spridgets] I need top and tonneau suggestions

Bud Osbourne abcoz at hky.com
Sun Jun 12 06:47:51 MDT 2011

Try Prestige, in the UK.  I got a new top from them, last year, for my '72
Midget and finally got around to getting it installed last week.  My
upholstery guy was impressed with the material and quality.  He also
mentioned that he'd installed a new Robbins top, on a TR, recently and
discovered that the quality had slipped down a few pegs (stuff no longer
lined-up the way it was supposed to.......a speed bump for an experienced
upholstery guy, but could spell disaster for a novice).  I found Prestige's
prices to be VERY competitive and their delivery service was excellent.  I
am quite pleased with my new top.
Bud Osbourne

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So if i remember correctly a robbins top is the best?B  but who should I get
a full tonneau from?B  if you have any suggestions for either please let me
know.B  Looking for a 74 midget with headrests.



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