[Spridgets] Tires

Billy Zoom billyzoom at billyzoom.com
Sat Jun 11 12:20:54 MDT 2011

> The HTR 200 are discontinued.
I got HTR 200's from tire rack about 5 months ago. The date code is 13th
week of 2010. Tire Rack told me they were definitely still in production,
but I had to wait a couple of weeks for them to be in stock. They had to
ship them from a Tire Rack warehouse in Indiana to a Tire Rack warehouse in
either Arizona or Nevada, and then on to California. If they'd told me they
out of production, I'd have ordered another set. I hope you're wrong about
this. The HTR 200 is the only safe tire I can find for my CRX. The other's I
tried were all way too hard and had no grip at all.  It's scary when I try
to make a normal stop and all four wheels lock up.

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