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bjshov8 at tx.rr.com bjshov8 at tx.rr.com
Thu Jun 9 14:54:42 MDT 2011

I don't know if I've ever seen a distributor in a common automobile that didn't have a vacuum advance, but most of my history is with American brands.

Of course they make racing distributors without vacuum advance and I was going to say that usually the people using them are pretty knowledgeable of what is going on, but I've seen people on TV building performance cars that more times than not would get the distributor in backwards.  If it has weights to advance the timing you can always look at how that mechanism works before putting on the cap.  When I was working in my dad's shop I could time a V8 Chevy very well just by rotating to TDC on #1 and then installing the distributor, I knew almost exactly how much it should be rotated.  (I couldn't do it now though.)

Other than my LBC, it has been nearly 14 years since I've owned a car that even HAD a distributor.

> > But on a distributor with no vacuum advance....
> Rotation  is easy- it's always opposite the direction that the vacuum 
> advance  points.

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