[Spridgets] And Now This (Delta Soldiers Weapons)

Kirk Hargreaves khargreaves2 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 9 13:07:59 MDT 2011

In my self affacing sense of humor I have to tell this story as I was
reminded by the soldiers who can legally carry weapons back from the front.

I had been working for a company whereby I had to drive from the Sacramento
area up to the Oregon border for a particular assignment.

I brought my Glock 19 with me in my bag just in case I might be able to find
some legal forest land to do some target practice.  I had not shot the gun
for a very long time. I keep a semi auto by my bed at night in a safe that I
can get into very quickly by way of the key pad.  These days it is a 1911
Springfield 45 Military Spec.

Although I was not able to find a safe place to shoot, I did manage to
leave 7 9mm rounds in my bag before flying on a trip, a month later, to Los
Angeles (for the same company).

I only wish the whole scene had been video recorded as the police, airport
security and the TSA were on top of me like a "duck on a June bug."

All I could think of was "Thank God I was not such a Moron to have left the
gun in there as well" as this was by itself moronic behaviour of the highest

First off I noticed that the screener had taken an unusual interest in my
bag as it had passed through the machine.  I thought nothing of it at first
until he brought my bag to the counter and began to have the cop who was
there pull the bullets out on the table.  Was I surprised.  (Only the cop
was allowed to handle the bullets as they treated them like some form of
alien kryptonite).

After I explained the situation, fortunately they let me go (they of course
kept the bullets).  They also said that I might be getting a fine from the
TSA (which never happened).  Had this been an international flight, things
would have no doubt been worse for me.

The airport Police Officer was very nice about the whole thing, as were the
other representatives.  It was a harrowing experience that I will never

And I was able to catch my flight.


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