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Matt P pfeilmat at gmail.com
Thu Jun 9 12:04:04 MDT 2011

That's aircraft mechanic troubleshooting 101.

Did it work before you messed with it? What did you do to make it not work?
Start at the cheapest and easiest an work your way back.

It is a machine, it is not fighting you, you are fighting with yourself.

I have to tell the kids at work that all day.

Matt P

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On Jun 9, 2011, at 9:55 AM, David Booker <tncarnut1 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Dave -
> Similar thing happened to me years ago with 15426378 from the 289
> in my '67
> Mustang. If you inadvertently make it 15426387, the engine makes a
> really bad
> noise once every time the dizzy spins around and doesn't want
> to run very well.
> This happened at the end of a very long weekend installing
> a big solid lift cam,
> rocker lockers, lifters, intake, carb, etc. etc. etc...
> I had been saving the
> pennies for a long time and was going to take the car
> up a notch or two.
> In my mind, I had improperly timed the cam/crank. Just
> before taking the whole
> thing apart again, I remembered what my dad has told
> me over and over: "Start by
> checking that the simple things are right
> before moving on to the hard ones
> because every once in a while you'll get
> lucky". Went carefully thru the firing
> order (even though I knew it was
> right), and ta-da! it was time to go play on
> the backroads after all! Is it
> any wonder I can quote that firing order over 30
> years later?
> Good Advice
> that has saved me a couple of times and would have saved me many
> more if I
> had only thought about it in time.
> David Booker
> Long Island
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