[Spridgets] Ailing MG TD....

Jim Johnson bmwwxman at gmail.com
Thu Jun 9 08:31:46 MDT 2011

Rally to Reno arrived in Dodge City yesterday and departed this morning.
Was waiting to meet John Diekis who was driving his MG TD....   Heard from
him about 1:30 pm from Council Grove, KS and then nothing until about 9:00pm
last night...  He had arrived at the hotel after having some problems...
Changed out the coil about 75 miles east of Dodge City but was still having
some issues so stopped to change out his points.  That got him here but the
car was not right.  Five of us spent a few hours hunched over the TD.
Replaced the fuel pump and that got it running but we noticed the carb jets
were at two different levels and there was a horrible clattering from the
front of the rocker cover.  Pulled the cover and checked all the tappet
clearances - no joy. All appeared fine but the noise was still there and too
severe to attempt the rest of his trip to Reno.

Anyway, John left this morning riding with Dick Lunney in his B after
deciding to go ahead to Reno, have some fun and then fly home where he could
pick up his truck and trailer and come back for the TD.  I found a safe
storage for the TD and trailer which will stay here in Dodge City awaiting
John's return.

Guess it coulda been worse.....
Jim Johnson
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