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WeslakeMonza1330 at aol.com WeslakeMonza1330 at aol.com
Tue Jun 7 14:05:12 MDT 2011

Here's mine.
I'm a white man born and bred in the city and living in country market town 
 where everyone is white but talk with a different accent to my own.
A local road was going to be built, what we call a bypass and it was  
contentious.  The council had an open day and was going to go to a local  vote.  
I thought it was a good idea.  A local white woman did not  think it was a 
good idea and didn't like me saying it was and I quote:
her:  "How long have you lived here?"
me:   " five years:
her:  "You're just a foreigner, and your views don't count for  nothing":
Of course she was wrong on both counts because I wasn't foreign, my views  
did count, so did my vote and the bypass was built.
The happy ending is that I live in a suburban town rather than a country  
town and everyone accepts me.
Weslake-Monza 1330
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OK gang,  here is a racism story,

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