[Spridgets] The "racist asshole" responds

Hal Faulkner frog.aye at gmail.com
Tue Jun 7 11:21:17 MDT 2011

How quickly we forget.  Can anyone remember a single post from Frank that
dealt with a political subject (I'm not counting his feelings about inferior
quality parts and tools)?  How about one in which he referred to another
list member with pejorative, personal attacks?  If you have an issue with
another list member that cannot be expressed respectfully please keep it off
list.  I know that in the past I have not always managed to do so, but I'm
Because this list is not moderated we must moderate ourselves (kinda like
expecting the banking industry to regulate itself....)  Remember this is a
forum for Spridgets but most of us don't mind a thread about Miatas,
motorcycles, cats, or even guns ( though that may be pushing the envelope a
bit <G>.) Tequila is also an appropriate subject.
As to all the posts about who or whose candidate is the bigger A-hole,
Fascist, Socialist, or Racist, fool, crook....  How about we agree to keep
fewer that 1% of our own posts to those subjects?  Again you be the
moderator of your own posts.

I'm wearing out my delete key!


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