[Spridgets] Obama Genius, Etc

charles christ crusaderchuck at yahoo.com
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this is all very true.   in my family i'm the "black sheep" getting dirty
working on cars.   family members included college math professor , high
teacher with three degrees , elementry library head for a large
schools) district , 4th grade nstructor , high school chemestry
instructor and a 
few engineers(not the rail road type!).   family gatherings
were on a very 
unusual level of conversation that i really never "got".   
but the point to be 
made is the concentration on higher level jobs or people
with "genius" status 
seems to be that the concentration or focus or direction
is so intense that 
everything else falls into a severe background 
priority.   my aunt purchased 
all her clother in tones of one color as she
could not decide what to wear , and 
simple tasks like cleaning house was just
impossible to do.   i've seen pretty 
much "all" in the oddities in  smart
people.   but the hardest part is not 
picking up after them!  it's existing
with them!   since childhood i've been 
told i'm not applying myself.   that
came from my family members.    because i 
did not function on their expected
level i was frequetly chastised by them.   
watch , learn and live! yeah i
have crappy speling and cannot find the darn 
"caps lock" fer the life of me
but i can rebuild a motorcycle in my livingroom 
and do a spridget engine on
my desk.  (did both at difrent times in my life.   
now all deligated to the
shop......gives way to harmony in the home....see i 
learned something!)    

off to small engine repair world for fun and profit! 
and why did
my college pschyc. prof always smell like pot.........?  nawwww , he 
not have ...he's the instructor...right?       
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I was
horrified when I finally got back to college (at 27 years old) that my
professors did not even have one teaching class, nor was it required. Hummm
maybe that is why I had difficulty figuring out what they were trying to
explain ; ) I wish all students were notified of that when they started
college so they don't beat up on themselves when they drop out.

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