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Tue Jun 7 02:26:19 MDT 2011

(I regret that family crises have caused a tardy response to the character

Larry Daniels wrote:  b
Buster, you just go right on being a racist asshole
as you have proven to be over the years.b

Ah, Larry, I truly stand in awe of your magnificent command of the English
language, and your unequaled skills at debate, analytical reasoning and
argumentation.  You truly have an ability at b
reductio ad absurdumb

(reduce to the absurd) that deserves a role in the current administration!
Such nonsensical assertion, I submit, is aimed at simplistic minds ruled by
emotion rather than reasoned, rational thought.  But why did you deny the good
people evidence of your witless assertion?  (In early 2009, I challenged your
excoriation of another bold member who dared speak his mind on the Obama
election.  In a personal message, I pointed out that of the *non-black vote*,
McCain received 52.49% (59,093,740) and Obama 47.51%.  Further, I pointed out
that of the b
 vote, Obama received 95% (15,979,872), McCain only 5%
(841,046);  virtual block voting by blacks.  That, I fear, unleashed e-mails
that all, in one way or another, fired off the same vacuous allegation.)

I fear that within our lifetime we have seen two seminal events in American
political history.  Historically, politicians of both major parties have been
able to vigorously **debate** important issues of the day, but then leave the
halls of Congress as the very best of friends, all without resorting to
personal invective and name calling (much like the Ginsberg-Scalia
friendship).  Even the closest, most obviously corrupt elections did not cause
hysteria among losers.  (Witness Nixonbs finest hour when he refused to
challenge the 1960 election won by Kennedy only through the overwhelming
graveyard votes in Illinois, and LBJbs clear and widespread frauds in
Texas.)  This would change dramatically in 2000 when, despite the fact that
they exercised all of their Constitutional options (and results shown
legitimate by scholarly and media analysis), Gore supporters, especially among
the hard-left, launched deep-seated visceral and malignant **personal**
attacks on everyone and everything they opposed.  Intellectual, well-thought
out debate became the victim of their animosity and antagonism.

Secondly, race was made a presidential issue beginning in  2008, not by
Republicans, but by Obama sycophants following in the path begun in 2000.
Early in his administration, the new presidentbs race would become his first
line of defense against those who opposed his policies.  Either unwilling, or
more likely incapable of accepting that differing people could have legitimate
differing political philosophies, they would retaliate in pure character
assassination, alleging **racism** to be the basis of any and all opposition.
According to this credo, opposition to Obamacare was met with
hyper-emotionally charges of racism against Obama, and against all blacks as a
form of class warfare.  After the election, he continued to perpetuate his
campaignbs Messianic image.  Once elected, all pretense of compromise,
negotiation or bi-partisanship was cast aside, replaced by an imperiousness
that embraced the notion that only he in Washington possessed "the way, the
truth and the light".  This, then, provided a justification for actions that
ignored both the Constitution and Federal Law.  (Witness his current refusal
to recognize or abide by the Democratic inspired b
War Powers Actb


In pursuit of a malevolent totalitarian Messianic democracy either unwilling
or incapable of reasoned, rational debate or defense of his actions, he and
his cultists have simply resorted to allegations of b
, a form of
character assassination never afforded any previous president because they
were Caucasian.

Buster Evans

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