[Spridgets] Question for the group

Alan theshoe5 at comcast.net
Mon Jun 6 19:53:24 MDT 2011

I did the same thing you did. Finished mine more than ten years ago and the 
old 948 is still sitting under my workbench and the rest of the parts are in 
my basement. I'll hang on to them just in case. My car was also titled with 
the engine number not the chassis number so I guess that's one more reason 
to hang onto the original stuff.
Alan Gruskos
'59 Sprite

>I finished the restoration of my Bugeye a couple of years ago, 1275, rib
> case, and front disk brakes. Naturally I kept the old parts.
> The question is should I keep the old parts so someone could refit to
> achieve originality? Do people actually that? Do these parts have any 
> value?
> Advice?

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