[Spridgets] Horn button question

Jim Seippel aseippel at austin.rr.com
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There is a slip ring which is mounted to the dash behind the steering wheel.
It is a brass disk that is has a wire attached. The wire is threaded through
the dash and is connected to the horn through the wiring harness. The horns
have power supplied (+12V on a negative grounded car or -12V on a positive
grounded car) all of the time. 

The slip ring is connected to the push button on the steering wheel through
the horn brush, The horn brush is a plastic tube with a spring between two
conductive parts eclectically connected with a braided wire. When the horn
button is pressed, the circuit is grounded and the horn blows. 

When diagnosing a horn problem, disconnect the wire from the sip ring and
ground the wiring harness side of the connection. The horn should blow. If
it doesn't, you need to verify the there is a voltage source on the horns.
It is easiest to use a test light. 

If the horn blows, reconnect the wire and then ground the slip ring. If the
horn blows, then ground the horn brush, etc. Work your way through the
circuit until you find the problem. 

The horn button snaps into place. This is for the original Sprite parts. If
you have an aftermarket steering wheel, all bets are off.  :-) 

If you have any problems, email me and I will try to help further. 


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Well, I'm progressing along with getting my '60 Bugeye back on the road, but
I think I'm missing some horn button or steering wheel parts or I just don't
understand how the thing works.  
Can someone please describe to me how (or where) the horn brush picks up the
ground when you push the button.  I understand the path from horn to the
surround to the brush.  What I don't see is how the brush under the button
gets to ground.  Is it coming from the column somehow?  If so, what connects
it to the column?
Also, what is supposed to hold the button in place?  Does it just snap in?
I can see a hole in the side of the steering wheel.  Is this for some sort
of retaining screw?

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