[Spridgets] MG Midget for Sale

Woerpel dwoerpel at wi.net
Sun Jun 5 20:47:34 MDT 2011

Folks I drove by this up north and had to get it out to you.  Do not 
want to see this deteriorate any further as it's pretty original but 
needs a bunchalota TLC.
Somebody save this one, I'll help transport for an O.S.H.I.T!

Dave W.
"Be seeing you"...at the MG Midget 50th Anniversary
July 18-24, Elkhart Lake Wisconsin

1966 MG MIDGET for Sale

Location: Near Tipler Wisconsin

Contac:Dan Tipler

Mobile Phone:920.216.5725

Asking: $2000 OBO

I have seen this car for the last 10-12 years at a cabin near one of my 
favorite trout streams and never got a chance to talk to the guy.I was 
at a different stream and drove by a home and saw the car sitting out 
front with a for sale sign.I stopped but the owner wasn't there so I 
left my number.He called today and said he got the car from an older 
gentleman that could not get in or out (w/o help) of the car any 
longer.(note: You have my permission to put me in my Bugeye and leave me 
there when I get to that stage!)

Go to:http://s468.photobucket.com/albums/rr49/Gowom/1966%20MG%20Midget/

Or: *http://tinyurl.com/43dl23w*

Originally white with red interior, the exterior has been poorly painted 
in silver.The photos were taken with my old phone so the color looks 
blue/purple.As a reference the collector plates should be blue with red 
numerals.I didn't want to mess with the bonnet as the owner wasn't 
present so I didn't peek at the engine bay. Basically it needs to be 
properly restored.

NFI, just hate to see a car that's pretty much originally equipped (not 
counting the sandbag ashtray!) rot away.It could be a great little car.I 
told Dan that I would get it to the list for him.I do not know him but 
hope to meet him this summer.  Good stretch of river in front of his 
house. ;-)

Dave W.

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