[Spridgets] License plate light, early cars

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it's pot metal.   the studs are steel cast into it when made.   paint
it inside 
and outside!   pot metal deteriorates quite quickly if left to the
they were painted body color.   be certain to replace both the
lamp base to 
plinth gasket as well as the plinth to body gasket.  

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It's primer gray
It will look great in body color, whatever that ends up being.
Interesting tidbit:
My Mk1 Midget parts car was originally Clipper Blue or Ice
Blue (whatever
the difference is).
I think it's Clipper Blue but SWMBO says
she thinks it's Ice Blue.
Since I've sanded through some layers on the white
Bugeye bonnet sitting on
my Midget I've found the original color is the same.
So I've now got parts from two different early cars on my Midget that were
originally that color.
And I like that color too.
Hmmm... Maybe that will be
the color for the whole car?

Rick (colors, so many many colors) Bastedo

Sun, Jun 5, 2011 at 11:31 AM, Bill Masquelier <billmasq at hotmail.com>wrote:

I think that Gerrard is correct and that it is potmetal.  You could spray
> it
clear but probably won't do too well if left untreated.
> BillM
> > Date:
Sun, 5 Jun 2011 08:54:28 -0700
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spridgets at autox.team.net
> > Subject: [Spridgets] License plate light, early
> >
> > What's the plinth made of, it feels like aluminum, is it?
> >
I've removed it and the plate mounting from my Mk1 Midget parts car and
> >
cleaned it up.
> > To me it looks fine bare metal with the nice chrome light
fixture but
> should
> > the plinth be painted the same color as the car?
> >
> > Rick Bastedo

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