[Spridgets] Best Spridget for a condo owner

BJNoSHOV8 bjshov8 at tx.rr.com
Sun Jun 5 15:04:28 MDT 2011

What you need to do is to pick the car that you like and LEASE it.  You 
get the car for less than normal monthly payments, and will probably 
never have to do anything but change the oil.

I'm somewhat the opposite- I have tools and a place to work on my cars 
at home, I have a nephew that drives a tow truck, and my father owns a 
garage.  The problem with me is that I don't like making big repairs on 
my own cars, or driving a car that I worry might break down when I'm 
away from home.  (And BTW I recognize that this is an odd feeling for 
someone who was supported for much of my life by repairs to unreliable 
cars.)  A couple of years ago my daughter and I were returning from a 
trip out of town when my automatic transmission failed in a small town 
in Oklahoma.  I called my nephew to come get the car, and I called my 
wife to come and get us.

> Haysoos marimba, kool yer jets!  I only asked about the best car for me,
> living in a condo with no garage or place to work on a car.

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