[Spridgets] Non stick concrete surface

Fisher, Ed edwd at ti.com
Sat Jun 4 23:27:21 MDT 2011

BZ- 10 years ago I painted my shop floor with a 2-part epoxy paint that has been nothing short of amazing.  It has had every type of fluif spilled upon it and I even had a small puddle of gas catch fire  and it didn't even discolor.  However, if I recall correctly, it is not made for direct UV exposure.  10 years is a long time though, so perhaps they have a formulation that will fit your application.  It is imperative that you etch the concrete with muriatic acid before you apply whatever finish you end up with, this I know to be true.  Then rinse and re-rinse.  There are non-slip additives that you can either put into the paint or sprinkle on top.  I should have heeded that advice as my floor is slicker than snot when wet.  Go to a paint contractor supply store and explain your need.  They are not only less expensive (50 percent) than Home Depot, but they know their product since no contractor wants return calls for a finish that hasn't held.  Also, if you go with epoxy, spend the 10 bucks or so for a mixer that you can chuck up to an electric drill, full and complete mixing is critical.  Buy application tools that can be discarded, there is no cleanup, tried it, even with the recommended solvent.   Rollers and brushes are cheap though, and the flow of the product will show no stroke marks.  Let it cure a week, scratch it with 80 grit or even 60 on a wall board sander (I got about a thimble full of dust from a 30x50 floor) and second coat it with application 90 degrees from the first coat.  

Another option could be a ceramic tile that is 'pebbled' for that natural slate look, it is relatively slip resistant.  
Good luck, and let us know what you find out please, my back patio is gonna need something someday soon. 

Dallas, Tx

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