[Spridgets] Metro Radiator

James Gruber thistle_3619 at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 4 19:15:56 MDT 2011

Got a new lower hose on order

Issue with collapsing hose has been suggested
and I had this issue even before I 
added the BE Bonnet. Planning on changing
out lower hose as well as retarding 
timing 1 or 2 degrees and see if that
helps. If that doesn't work then Metro 
Radiator. With the BE Bonnet and Oil
Cooler mounted in front of the radiator not 
getting all of the air flow
possible but the fact that around town is  all ok 
leads me to suspect I
really might have an issue with a collapsing hose. Bugsy 
is a 1098 with a
cross flow radiator so plumbing is a little bit of an issue.
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If you get
good air flow at lower speeds you should get good flow at 65.

On Sat, Jun 4,
2011 at 1:25 PM, Billy Zoom <billyzoom at billyzoom.com> wrote:
>> Fine around
town but at 60-65 +
>> sustained temps climb
> Are you sure your bottom hose
is firm? (no jokes please)

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